It’s All in the Wedding Details


June 15, 2021

Your wedding day is a milestone that you will cherish for a lifetime.  The venue, the food, the flowers, and so much more are all essential aspects of your big day.  Today we’re focusing on all the small details that make a big difference.

These are little things that we recommend you have on your special day that will forever remind you of all the joy, love, and happiness that came with marrying your soulmate. 

We recommend you have a signature wedding scent. Fragrances evoke memories and feelings that will bring you back to all those special moments from your wedding day. Your wedding scent should be something different than your typical day-to-day perfume that you will be able to wear time and time again for special occasions and anniversaries.

You already have your perfect dress of course, but now what about accessories? You will need the perfect shoes! You can tell a lot about a person’s style just by looking at their shoes. Will they be simple yet elegant or flashy with lots of bling? No matter what your style is, you need a stunning pair of shoes that will stand out in photographs and make you feel beautiful from head to toe. 

They also are great for those gorgeous detail photographs we all love. Check out the Bella Belle bridal shoes in the picture below…we are OBSESSED!

Photograph by Lisa Silva Photography

For your wedding dress, we think a custom or beautiful hanger is a great idea.  It could be a simple engraved wooden hanger or a more intricate style with your new last name. There are so many options and gives your beautiful dress the hanger it deserves! Personalized hangers also make great gifts for your bridesmaids to use on your special day for their dress and robe.

Let’s not forget about the groom. For him, we recommend engraved cufflinks. A bold and classic font will add just the right amount of elegance and masculinity to his look. While he may return his suit, if it’s a rental, cufflinks are something that he will be able to have as a keepsake from your wedding forever.

Photograph by Brandi Roberts Photography

An item that he will reuse for formal events, as a groomsman in other weddings, and so on.Another item we recommend the groom have on the wedding day is a belt. This shows his style and is an easy way to add a pop of color to his suit while also making sure his pants are secure! This small detail elevates his look to the next level and completes his ensemble. 

Lastly, you definitely need a charming ring box or dish to display and storing your wedding rings on the big day and afterwards.  This adds a perfect pop of color, elegance, and character to your wedding detail photographs. You will be able to use them on your wedding day and every night before bed. 

All of these items make for the most beautiful detail photos and show a little touch of both of your personalities. When memories fade, these are small things that you will look back at and adore forever.

These items will bring you back to your big day and all the extra special moments that came along with it!

Happy Planning!

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